CrunchBang Linux 10 R20111125 Available for Testing

[ Thanks to An
Anonymous Reader
for this link. ]

“Philip Newborough announced yesterday, November 27th, the
immediate availability for download and testing of the CrunchBang
Linux 10 R20111125 operating system.

“CrunchBang Linux 10 R20111125 is now powered by Linux kernel
2.6.39 and features the Openbox 3.5 desktop instead of the Xfce
window manager. Moreover, the SLiM login manager replaced GDM
(GNOME Display Manager).

“Mozilla Firefox 8 replaces Chromium 9 as the default web
browser in CrunchBang Linux 10 R20111125, as well as Geany replaces
gedit as the default text editor.”

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