Daemon News: The Daemon’s Advocate

“In this column, I will take on the responsibility to speak
for the entire BSD community in expressing a general opinion of
Linux and its relationship to the BSD systems.”

“Linux is our most fertile recruiting ground. Many of the users
who have come to BSD in the past year have been and continue to be
Linux users. The Linux community is where we find talented people
who have already made the leap into UNIX and open systems, and who
are ready, willing and able to learn. Linux is invaluable to us in
the way it has and will continue to grow our user base.”

“… let Linux teach new UNIX users what a kernel configuration
is, what it does for the system, and how to use a text editor. When
they move on to BSD, or add BSD to their stable of systems,
configuring the kernel by editing a file will no longer be a
barrier to them.”