Datamation: Linux legitimacy

Thanks to Jonathan M. Prigot
for this link.

“With its grassroots legacy, Linux has captured the hearts and
minds of many IT professionals. But without more mainstream
services and support, this hot OS may neverreach mission-critical

“Linux has been generating quite a buzz lately. Its unusual
development team–thousands of volunteer programmers collaborating
over the Internet–and reputation for reliability have made the
UNIX-like operating system the subject of recent articles in U.S.
News & World Report The Wall Street Journal, as well as a cover
story in Fortune magazine. Intel and Netscape have sunk money into
Red Hat Software, the operating system’s largest commercial
distributor. Apple Computer Inc., IBM, Oracle Corp., and Sun
Microsystems Inc. all recently announced ports. And Applix Inc.,
Ardent Software, Corel Corp., Dell Computer Inc. and Informix Corp.
have all jumped on the Linux bandwagon.”

“What’s going on at Boeing with Linux is similar to what’s
happening at oil services and measurement systems provider
Schlumberger Ltd., at Xerox Corp., at the Eastman Kodak Co., and at
many other large corporations. Linux is finding growing acceptance
as a Web server, as a file server, and for lots of other
departmental-level applications. It’s ‘seeping its way into the
corporate infrastructure,’ says David Sims, a Linux supporter who
works as a technical manager in Schlumberger’s Information
Technology group.”