DATC: Intro to GNU/Linux Course Posted Online

[ Thanks to TJ
Miller jr
for this announcement. ]

The course packet, which can be used as either a
self-study/self-paced guide, or as an instructor packet, can be
found and downloaded at the DATC website’s
just-opened Linux section.

Help Wanted: any and all help is greatly
appreciated in helping to convert this packet into additional
formats, and to report any technical errors/corrections as

Suggestions for additions and improvements are always

So far, I have approximately 12 students in various stages of
the course here, using the same packet, and I am updating and
making any needed corrections as I go along.

All textbooks mentioned are available from Barnes and Noble, and the main textbook,
Running Linux, is available directly from O’Reilly Press.

I apologize for not getting to everyone sooner, but I will
certainly be on hand to take in comments, suggestions, corrections,
and especially improvements. While this course is far from
perfect, I can say that it will satisfy the proficiencies required
of a basic Linux user, and I hope it serves as a solid beginning
from which to build a world-wide public Linux curriculum.

Finally, I am currently working on two additional courses,
slated for release and testing in July: One will involve Star
Office (since we already have a course in MS Office, its only fair
🙂 The second will tackle systems administration.