Day 10 of the SCO v. Novell Trial, Friday, March 19, 2010: Stone, O’Gara, Nagle – as text

“Novell has been given more time to file its brief in opposition
to SCO’s appeal of SCO’s recent loss in the SCO v. Novell trial.
The new deadline is October 29th. Novell’s appellate attorney is
busy working on other cases.

“So let’s use the time to continue chronicling the events at the
trial that ended so badly for SCO in US District Court in Utah,
presided over by the Hon. Ted Stewart. We are up to the text of the
trial transcript for Friday March 19, 2010, the 10th day of trial,
so it’s the end of the second week of this jury trial. The day’s
witnesses, called by SCO, are Chris Stone, formerly VP at Novell,
Maureen O’Gara by video deposition snips, and Andrew Nagle. Here is
Groklaw’s eyewitness report from the trial for that day, if you’d
like to review.

“I’m guessing that, looking back, SCO wishes they’d put O’Gara
on before Stone, instead of the reverse. By the time she appears,
her reputation has preceded her in Stone’s derogatory picture of
her in his testimony. Stone comes across as a manly guy, clear,
decisive and forthright. More importantly, he comes across as
honest, freely admitting things that a less honest guy would not.
But that’s a real plus in a witness at a jury trial, because jurors
can tell when someone is straightforwardly telling what he or she
knows or not. He makes O’Gara sound ditsy silly at best and maybe
not so truthful at worst, and either way if the jury had to choose
who to believe, I think they’d choose Stone.

“First though, here’s the docket info on the new deadline in the