December 1998 issue of Linux Journal

The December 1998 issue of Linux Journal (#56) will be mailed from the
printers in Post Falls, Idaho on November 6, 1998.

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

                              LINUX JOURNAL

                              December 1998



     * Performance Monitoring Tools for Linux by David Gavin
       A package of tools for use in performance analysis of
     * CIDR: A Prescription for Shortness of Address Space by David A.
       Classless Inter-Domain Routing and how to implement it.
     * User Manager Software by Branden Williams
       A tool for handling user-administration tasks.
     * X Window System Administration by Jay Ts
       An introduction to X--how to set up and use it toyour greatest
     * LJ Interviews Linus Torvalds by Marjorie Richardson
    A talk with Linus about the 2.2 Kernel.

    News & Articles

     * Building a Web Weather Station by Chris Howard
     * Samba's Encrypted Password Support by John Blair
     * X-ISP and Maintaining Multiple Account Records by Chris LeDantec
     * Linux in Banking by Idan Shoham
     * Preventing Spams and Relays by John Wong
     * Statement of Ownership by Lydia Kinata


     * Product Review
          + Mathematica version 3.0 for Linux by Patrick Galbraith
          + Happy Hacker Keyboard by Jeremy Dinsel
     * Book Review
          + Linux Application Development by Andrew Johnson
          + The Linux System Administration Handbook by David A. Bandel
          + Learning the Bash Shell, Second Edition by Bob van der Poel


     * Linux Means Business: Wireless Networking in Africa by F.
       Postogna, C. Fonda, E.Canessa, G. O. Ajayi, S. Radicella
     * Linux in Education: Sharing Pedagogy with Java by Robert A.
     * At the Forge: Embperl and Databases by Reuven M. Lerner
     * Linux Apprentice: Linux Security for Beginners by Alex Withers
     * Take Command: bc: A Handy Utility by Alasdair McAndrew
     * Kernel Korner: The Wonderful World of Linux 2.2 by Joseph
    Strictly On-line

     * Linux System Initialization by David A. Bandel


     * Letters to the Editor
     * Stop the Presses: Venture Capital Invested in Red Hat by Dwight
     * Best of Technical Support
     * New Products
          + Raritan MasterConsole MX4, Raritan Computer, Inc.
          + VRtuoso, Bittco Solutions
          + Debian GNU/Linux ARM, Debian GNU/Linux
          + LinuxCAD, Software Forge, Inc.
          + Perspective for Java, Three D Graphics
          + MetaCard 2.2, MetaCard Corp.
          + EtherPage Version 3.0, Personal Productivity Tools, Inc.
          + D3 Linux v.7.1, Pick Systems
     * Advertisers Index
     * Linux Consultants HOWTO

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