DiBona.com: DVD Lawsuit Filing — What Happened

“So here is a blow by blow account of the trial. It
would be much better but I can’t find my notebook (argh) But the
good news is, the Judge said it would be fine to put the transcript
of the trial up on my web site, so look for that in the coming

“While the lawyers went to check in and do lawyer stuff, I said
hi to the bay area folks who had shown up to watch the preceding.
There was initially about 35 people waiting to come along, later
counts went to about 50 people.”

“… they really weren’t happy when we passed out the source
code Pamphlet or the floppy discs. The Pamphlet had as it’s title
“Get your Free DVD Decryption Here:” and then a list of the
css-auth.h code.”

“… the hackers that showed up were all very respectful of the
court and didn’t let our derision for the DVD lawyers impact on the

“This is the cool part, so you have essentially 50 experts on
code, and many of those are fairly knowledgeable on both license
agreements and encryption. A number of people came up to the
lawyers and gave them their ideas on how to respond further to the
points brought up by the DVD folks.

“Imagine just having 50 qualified experts just -showing up-
to help. This is the true power we wield.”