DistroWatch: Can a Geek Love Xandros?

[ Thanks to Ladislav
for this link. ]

“Debian is an industrial-strength distro known for its
stability, superb package management, large software archive, a
terrible installer, and a lot of powerful but esoteric commands
such as: ‘dpkg-reconfigure etherconf, dpkg –get-selections,
apt-get upgrade, grep-status emacs’ and so on.

“There have been several commercial attempts to cloak Debian’s
mighty engine in a nice sleek-looking exterior. Xandros Desktop OS
is one of the slickest attempts yet at putting a point-and-click
interface on the untamed beast–think of it as Debian with

“Xandros version 2.0 was released in December, 2003, and not
surprisingly, a flood of reviews hit the web soon thereafter. Most
of these reviews have focused on the ease-of-use factor, which is
Xandros’ trump card…”


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