DRM Is Toxic To Culture

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for this link. ]

“It’s possible that you think that unauthorised use of
copyrighted music, films and books is such a serious problem that
it’s worth giving away a little of your convenience and freedom in
exchange for stopping it. If you do, I’d like to suggest you think
again – time is running out for your freedom to share the music,
books and more that you love with family and friends.

“Approaches to Enforcement

“Travelling frequently in Europe, I’ve had the chance to use
both the Paris Metro and the U-bahn1 in various German cities.
There is a very visible difference between the two, at least in my
experience. Here are some sample encounters2.

“In Paris, I bought my Metro ticket and then used it in an
automated barrier to reach the platform. I noticed lowlife
furtively scanning the station and then vaulting the barriers, and
I saw armed police at the station to catch the thieves doing this
(they didn’t catch any that I saw, and there were several of each
at each station).

“By contrast, the U-Bahn in Nürnberg had no barriers. I
bought my ticket, boarded the train without fuss, there was no risk
of being shot by a policeman targeting a barrier-vaulting cheat,
and the system was still clean, efficient and well-used.”

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