Dropbox on Linux

[ Thanks to Steven J.
for this link. ]

“Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud services that
lets you store, sync, and share files over the Internet. And, with
some work, you can use it on your favorite Linux desktop as well.

“If you’re like most people in 2010, you’ve got important files
scattered hither and yon. You have files on your desktop PC, your
laptop, your iPhone, your … you get the idea. That’s where
programs such as Dropbox come in. With these programs, you can back
up your files, share them with friends, and keep all your devices
in sync. Of this software class, Dropbox is especially popular.

“It’s easy to understand why. Dropbox may be simple, but even
your aunt Agatha who has trouble understanding the difference
between what’s on her PC and what’s on the Internet can use it.
Indeed, that’s part of Dropbox’s charm. From a user’s viewpoint, it
just looks like another folder. It just happens to be a folder that
almost any computer or device you use can access.”

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