E-Commerce Times: Red Hat Introduces E-Commerce Server

“Red Hat Software, Inc. has announced the availability of its
e-commerce Apache Web server, with encryption capabilities and
e-commerce software from Hewlett-Packard, among others.”

“‘The Red Hat Linux E-Commerce Server is an ideal solution for
Internet service providers (ISPs) and small businesses that would
rather focus their attention on sales than their Web server,’
commented Tim Buckley, Red Hat’s Chief Operating Officer. ‘The Red
Hat Linux E-Commerce Server levels the e-business playing field
with symmetrical multi-processor support (SMP) for up to four
processors, security, scalability and stability for businesses of
any size.'”

“The new server product features the Red Hat’s Linux 6.0
package, along with an RSA Data Security 128-bit encryption engine,
an application CD and both complete and trial versions of several
e-commerce software packages. Apache ASP and DAV modules for
development, the Netscape Roaming module, the Squid proxy and cache
server and a Web server log are also included.”

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