E-Commerce Times: Will Linus’ New Chip Revolutionize E-Commerce?

“Transmeta is backed by a group of heavy hitters, including
Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, billionaire investor George Soros,
and venture capital firms such as Institutional Venture Partners,
Integral Capital Partners and Tudor Investments.”

“However, the fact that Linux operating system creator Linus
Torvalds has joined the company is really pushing expectations into
the stratosphere. In fact, Torvalds’ presence has sparked
persistent rumors that the new Crusoe processor will power
Linux-based devices….”

“Some industry observers are whispering that Transmeta has
successfully developed a very low power-consuming chip that is
capable of mimicking any microprocessor’s architecture. The
significance of this development — if true — is that any standard
PC application would be able to run on Crusoe-powered,
Internet-enabled devices.

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