Ebook Publishing Using Linux Tools

[ Thanks to Doug
for this link. ]

“Recent news points to authors making a dramatic shift from
traditional publishing houses to self-publishing, as pointed out in
this article that describes why Barry Eisler turned down a $500,000
deal from a mainstream publisher, choosing instead to self-publish.
This particular article was in fact my own tipping point: I had
written a science fiction novel 30 years ago that I was unable to
get any of the publishing houses interested in at the time. I
thought to myself, ‘Why not?’ So I dusted off the old digital
manuscript, completely rewrote the story, and recently published it
on Amazon’s Kindle publishing site. BTW, for more info on how the
original digital manuscript migrated from machine to machine over
that thirty year period, see the Author’s Note on the home page for
my novel, Second Cousins.”

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