Ecrix Corporation to announce new tape storage product

On March 1, Ecrix Corporation will announce a new tape storage
product, The VXA-1 tape drive, that will be marketed heavily
towards the Linux environment, in addition to other major operating

What will make VXA-1 an attractive choice for Linux users is its
native compatibility with Linux and its ability to offer users an
unprecedented data restore capability – at the best
price/performance level in the market today. Its pricing will
position the product as three times the capacity and performance of
competing market drives – at the same cost.

“We have been very impressed with the quality of the Linux
operating system, and how it has gained such rapid market
acceptance,” said Kelly Beavers, Ecrix’s president. “Our VXA tape
storage technology will be a natural fit with the high-quality,
low-cost Linux culture.”

The VXA Advantage
VXA technology is based on three complementary innovations:
Discrete Packet Format (DPF), Variable Speed Operation (VSO) and
OverScan Operation (OSO). DPF enables data to be written and read
in individually addressed packets, a technology similar to that
already proven in the networking and Internet markets. VSO saves
time by continually adjusting tape speed to match the varying data
throughput of the server, eliminating a common streaming tape
problem known as “backhitching.” OSO is a technique for reading
data packets independent of track shape or geometry. By
overscanning data packets at variable tape speeds, VXA virtually
guarantees data restore.

In addition to the product announcement, Ecrix is announcing new
distributors and its manufacturing partnership with AIWA.

If you’d like more information or to schedule a briefing, feel
free to contact me directly.

Jeff Wenker
Edelman Worldwide

About Ecrix
Ecrix Corporation is an innovator in tape storage and the developer
of VXA, a breakthrough tape technology that features advanced
backup and restore capabilities in products that deliver market
leading price/performance and reliability. Ecrix is privately held
and is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. For more information
about Ecrix, please visit the company’s web site at www.ecrix.com
or telephone 303.402.9262.