EE Times: Intel To Sell Celeron-Equipped Appliances

Initial products will be based on the Celeron processor and
will run the Linux operating system.

“The Intel Web appliances will not be sold directly to
consumers, but rather to telephone operating companies, ISPs, and
e-commerce retailers, according to Craig Miller, product marketing
manager for the Home Products Group. Intel has begun shipping
prototypes to several customers, including U S West, NEC, and an
e-commerce division of France’s Galeries Lafayette. They will each
add their own features to the units….”

“Intel will price its appliances close to $300 for a basic
configuration, but a more elaborate device could cost several
hundred dollars more, he said. Customers, in turn, are expected to
sell the devices to end users for a wide range of prices and to
give some away free to those signing up for a suite of