Emacs in the real world – part 3

[ Thanks to Linux User &
Developer magazine
for this link. ]

“Forget Perl’s claims, Emacs really is the Swiss Army
chainsaw of the *NIX world. Join Richard Smedley for the conclusion
of his three-part series, this time exploring how you can live your
life online and do it faster and better with Emacs…

“Over the past couple of months we’ve been running a series of
articles to demonstrate how you can do most of your day-to-day
tasks without leaving Emacs. Click to read the introduction to
Emacs in the real world here, and part 2 here…

“A quick shortcut to Emacs enlightenment…

“For brevity we’re writing C-x C-s to mean simultaneously press
the Ctrl and X keys, release, then simultaneously press the Ctrl
and S keys (this saves the file in the current buffer).

“M-! means press the Meta and ! keys – Alt represents Meta
on most modern keyboards. You can also press and release Esc, then
press !. Oh yes, and as ! is Shift+1 on most keyboards, that’s a
bit more stretching!”

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