EPIC FAIL: the sorry state of web education in schools

“Anna Debenham brought the house down with this outstanding
presentation at the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival. The key take-away:
web education in too many schools—both at the high school and
university level—is out of date, lousy, and losing students.
So much so that it’s threatening our countries’ digital and
economic futures.

“A failing grade for teaching the web

“Some highlights from Anna’s talk:

* Younger students often have nowhere to turn if they want to
learn web design or development. Serious training often isn’t
available until the post-secondary level — despite the fact
that the most talented developers (like Anna herself) start early.
Matt Mullenweg, for example, created WordPress.com before he could
legally drink. And Anna’s colleagues launched their own online
business (UploadRobots.com) while still in the fifth grade.”

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