European Linux Platform(EUP) – e-zine: Interview with OpenBSD’s Theo Deraadt

“Q: What do you see as the market for OpenBSD with all these
Linux/FreeBSD attention? Are you not afraid that OpenBSD will fall
away into a niche of a niche?

“A: I doubt that is happening at all. That Linux and FreeBSD
attention is being bought by Walnut Creek, BSDI, RedHat, and others
spending an incredible amount of money. They’re playing the same
game as Microsoft.”

“I am not a businessman; our group just tries to build a better
system for ourselves, and we hope you all benefit….”

“Q: What are the next three things you want to do with

“A: I think that the most important directions outside of
general and continual i386 device driver enhancements, are for
hardware IPSEC support, ultrasparc, and SMP.”