Facebook Takes App Privacy Breaches in Stride

“Facebook doesn’t seem very disconcerted that its top 10 apps
are among those reportedly sharing user IDs with advertisers in
clear violation of its privacy policies. The sharing was
inadvertent, suggested engineer Mike Vernal, and the press reports
exaggerated its importance. Users may be steamed about the breaches
and the company’s yawning response, but they’re not likely to do
anything other than complain.

“Many of the most popular applications on Facebook have been
transmitting identifying information — names of users and, in some
cases, the names of their friends — to dozens of advertising and
Internet tracking companies, according an article published on
Sunday in The Wall Street Journal.

“No one can access private user information without explicit
user consent, said Facebook engineer Mike Vernal, in a response
posted to the Facebook blog Sunday night. Developers are not
permitted to disclose user information to ad networks and data