FairfaxIT: Linux training starting to pick up steam

“war is about to break out in IT classrooms around the

“Trainers, faced with massive demand for their services from
businesses suffering an unprecedented IT skills deficit, are making
hard decisions about what platforms they will support. It mirrors
the corporate world, where IT departments choose the best strategy
to get more done with fewer resources.”

“One of Australia’s biggest trainers, Com Tech Education
Services, said open source “is not appearing on their radar”

“The lack of open source training offered by big course
providers like Com Tech draws the ire of Linux International
executive director, Jon Hall. Addressing several hundred delegates
at an open source convention held at Monash University in July, he
identified this unwillingness as further evidence of Microsoft’s
alleged monopoly.”

“So what will the trainers do with their excess classrooms while
the world sits and waits for Microsoft to get Windows 2000

“Increasingly clients are demanding open source alongside
established proprietary standards. Linux, Sendmail, SAMBA, and
Apache Web server are chief.”

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