Fedora 14 Well On Its Way to a Desktop Near You

“Red Hat’s Fedora remains one of the most popular and versatile
Linux distributions available today. In fact, it has few equals.And
Fedora 14, which is due for final release November 2, saw its one
and only beta release on September 28 with some exciting feature
previews. Being based on Linux 2.6.35, that was released on August
1 and received its latest stable update on September 29, it will
offer goodies like Btrfs direct input/output, better power
management, expanded video and Ethernet hardware support, and
memory cache de-fragmentation. Of particular interest to Red Hat
and Fedora developers and users are the improvements in KVM
virtualization, which include enhancements of the timer and
emulator code that result in higher performance as well as
improvements in performance tracing and monitoring.

“Speaking of virtualization, Fedora 14 will introduce SPICE to
their users this release. SPICE is a tool for creating and
interacting with virtual machines. It features encryption,
accelerated 2D graphics, video and audio format detection and
playback, hardware cursor support, and dynamic adaption to graphic
and communication changes.”

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