Fedora 14: Who is Reviewing the Reviewers?

“I like to write reviews. I have written quite a few of them
over the years… even back in my Atari days for a few print
magazines. I mention this because while I’d like to write a review
of the Fedora 14 release I feel like too much of an insider to be
objective and I’d have trouble being as critical as a non-biased
observer would be.

“The Anti-Review

“Yesterday I ran across a link on Fedora Planet for a video
review on the Linux Action Show. I have watched a few of the LAS
episodes before but am not a regular viewer… but since the topic
of the episode was listed as “Fedora 14 Review” I decided to give
it a viewing. About 33 minutes into it they get to the Fedora
review… although it is hard for me to call it a review. It is
unfortunate but they started with the Fedora 14 Release
Announcement and used that as a basis for their review.
Historically release announcements are very brief documents that
give only spartan details but include links to other sources of
more complete information, like the Fedora 14 Release Notes for
example. Given the fact that the release announcement only states
two new features for desktop users (libjpeg-turbo and Spice) it
seems they assumed that was all there was to the release, given the
fact that their main focus is desktop usage. As a result they spent
most of their review time in ridicule mode… divided in two…
with both an attempt at humor and at a “wake up call” style
denouncement of everything Fedora. They even included an original
conspiracy theory.”