FFmpeg 3.1 “Laplace” Open-Source Multimedia Framework Officially Released

FFmpeg 3.1 is here as a drop-in replacement for the massive FFmpeg 3.0 “Einstein” release, arriving after approximately four months, and it is now the latest stable FFmpeg release, cut from the Git master branch the other day, on June 26, 2016. The release has been dubbed “Laplace.” FFmpeg 3.1 “Laplace” comes with the usual updated components, among which we can mention libavutil 55.27.100, libavcodec 57.48.101, libavformat 57.40.101, libavdevice 57.0.101, libavfilter 6.46.102, libavresample 3.0.0, libswscale 4.1.100, libswresample 2.1.100, as well as libpostproc 54.0.100.