Firefox 4 � Mozilla versus the world

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Developer magazine
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“When you think of a giant lizard-monster stomping
through a major metropolitan area, you tend to think of Godzilla.
Or maybe Rodan. What you probably don’t think about is a non-profit
corporation that helps millions around the world gain access to the
information they need in their day-to-day lives..

“While most folks have forgotten about the company’s origin in
AOL’s Netscape acquisition, and perhaps even the name of the
non-profit itself, everyone knows Firefox. And Linux users, in
particular, depend on this non-profit’s products just as much as
they rely on any other piece of open source software.

“Firefox 4 has been in development now for almost three years.
The folks at Mozilla have had some clear goals for version 4:
faster JavaScript performance, easier AJAX debugging and full HTML
5 support. The official ship date, however, is still ‘when it’s

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