First look at Kubuntu 10.10

“Lot of people were looking forward to October 10, 2010 for
quite some time. Many since April! This date, of course, was the
release of the Ubuntu 10.10 family of Linux operating systems.
While Ubuntu has been getting most of the press, some folks require
or prefer KDE. For those, Kubuntu might fill the bill.

“Kubuntu 10.10 arrived with Linux 2.6.35, X.Org Server 1.9.0,
GCC 4.4.5, and KDE 4.5.1. Many of the new features and improvements
from Ubuntu have made it into Kubuntu as well. One of these is the
revamped installer, which one can run before fully booting the live
CD or from within the desktop environment. It seems more
streamlined and faster. Perhaps some of that is because a portion
of the process is conducted while files are being copied to your
hard drive in the background. Additionally, your time zone and
keyboard are auto-detected (possibly from hwclock) but require your
confirmation. Perhaps the best new feature of the installer is the
offer to install third-party typically closed-sourced code such as
Flash or MP3 codecs. The hard drive boot seems a bit peppier, but
the GRUB screen could use lots of attention.”