Five Reasons to be excited about Linux Mint 13 – LTS, MATE, and more

Last week the release candidate for Linux Mint 13 was made available, code named Maya. Based on the recent release of Ubuntu 12.04, Linux Mint 13 takes the core of Precise Pangolin and adds it’s own branding and desktop environments on top of it. It’s these additions, and more, that go towards making Linux Mint so great – and here are five fantastic reasons to look out for the next version of Linux Mint.

Linux Mint 13 will be the first Linux Mint release that does not have GNOME as standard, instead offering two versions based on MATE and Cinnamon. Both these Desktop Environments are based on GNOME 2, with MATE being a direct fork, and the Mint developed Cinnamon built on top of GNOME 3.