Free Software Magazine: Building a New Media Lab: Advice Needed

“Greetings, everyone. We’re currently in the process of planning
a new media lab for our English department. We have a budget of
about $50,000, though there are hints that we could get more if we
could make a compelling enough case. At any rate, the lab’s purpose
will be to give students the chance to produce some really
outstanding new media projects. These will likely range from
website production to simple digital videos and on to fully
interactive media (e.g., flash movies, videogames).

“I’ve had the chance lately to talk to several industry
professionals and academic theorists of new media. Most have
recommended Photoshop, Dreamweaver (or perhaps Fireworks), and
Flash Pro 8. These sound like good choices to me as well, though
I’d like to hear from others who might have other thoughts…”