Free Software Magazine: Linux on the Desktop: Are We Nearly There Yet?

[ Thanks to Dave Guard for this
link. ]

“Alright, I admit it, up ’til a couple of weeks ago I was still
running Windows 2000 Professional. In my defence, I have been using
all the free software I could on Windows–primarily Open Office,
Firefox and Thunderbird. I was a bit reluctant to go through all
the trouble of migrating across to a GNU/Linux distribution for two
reasons. First, because my PDA and stereo bluetooth headset require
software which doesn’t run on Linux. Secondly, I was a little
intimidated by having to go back to using a command line after so
long just using a GUI.

“After becoming sick of Windows running so badly and some advice
and encouragement from Tony (FSM’s Editor In Chief), I decided to
install Ubuntu. From what we could tell it promised to be the
easiest of the GNU/Linux distributions to install. I was pleasantly
surprised, it was up and running in less than hour. However, not
everything went as smoothly as it should have…”

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