Freedom from Ubuntu with Debian Alternatives

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“Simply Mepis: Not too many years ago, I came across a new
distribution called Simply Mepis. It provided extra functionality
for handling wi-fi devices, video drivers and other issues that
tend to confuse newer Linux users. Back then, this was a big deal
since most distributions didn’t really address the needs of newer
users all that effectively.

“Today, I thought it might be interesting to explore how the
distribution has progressed and whether it might offer a good
alternative to those looking to get away from distros based on
Ubuntu. After all, Simply Mepis had a brief fling with the Ubuntu
codebase, only to return home to its true Debian roots.

“The reason for Simply Mepis to push back to a Debian base was a
simple one – stability. And by stability, I mean that Simply
Mepis offers its users an operating system based on Debian

“Those looking to jump ship away from Ubuntu could find success
with Simply Mepis. Its stability has a lot going for it. Then
again, there are some things I found that you will want to be aware
of, both good and bad.”

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