FreetuxTV Lets You Watch and Record Live TV Shows on Linux

“FreetuxTV is a TV player for Linux that lets you watch free Web
TV Channels and listen to Radio. The application that runs on VLC
as backend comes with lots of pre-added channels for many

“A look at it features:

* Play Live TV and Radio Channels
* French ISP: Free, SFR, Orange, Alice, Bouygues (Paid
* Web TV: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian,
Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and more (Lots of Free
* Web Radio: English, French, German and more (Free)
* Free Channels available to all. No need to subscribe to paid
* Play in full screen mode and mini mode
* More than 350 WebTV channels in different languages
* Support for keyboard multimedia keys
* Add custom groups of channels from M3U playlists”

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