French ISP ‘Free’ Refusing To Send Out Hadopi Notices To Users [Updated]

“At the beginning of September, we noted that some French ISPs
had indicated that, as the French three strikes process began, with
the Hadopi agency sending out its tens of thousands of “first
strike” notices, they would ignore the requests. It appears that
may be happening. Apparently the French ISP “Free” (which, as I
discovered last time I was in France and tried to connect to its
WiFi, is not actually free) has decided that it will not pass along
the warning notices to users:

“”The law says that it is the Hadopi which has to send the
warning ‘for his own account and under its stamp, by electronic
means, through the (ISPs)’. It never says how it should be sent
‘through the ISPs’.”

“Furthermore, although ISPs have been given the job of
identifying and matching up IP addresses with the alleged
infringers’ personal details (on pain of 1,500 euros per day per IP
fine for failing to do so), there are no penalties in place for not
sending out warnings.”

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