Gender Diversity, Freedom and Education at the Open World Forum

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for this link. ]

“This year I have been invited to present the first
results of my research about Open public data at the 2010 Open
World Forum. Due to the subject of my talk, I was also invited by
Glyn Moody to a panel on Open Democracy (see Glyn’s comments on
that panel at CWUK).

“I have to confess that I went to the Open World Forum expecting
to find some pompous, self-referential, corporate driven marketing
show. Luckily, that wasn’t the case, and this is what I’ll try to
show here. The pounding, rave-style music at the beginning of each
session was really depressing. A few talks by some politicians were
not among the highest moments of the Forum (Glyn already explained
why and I agree with him). This said, the Forum agenda was quite
balanced and diverse. Personally I found it an interesting, useful
event, one I would have been glad to attend even if I had not had
to present my work. The Forum explored many sides of openness, not
just the commercial one of Open Source software. Here are just a
couple of examples.”

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