Getting Started with Inkscape

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“Vector graphics

“Vector graphics are made up of paths. Each path is basically a
line with a start and end point, curves, angles, and points that
are calculated with a mathematical equation. These paths are not
limited to being straight—they can be of any shape, size, and
even encompass any number of curves. When you combine them, they
create drawings, diagrams, and can even help create certain

“These characteristics make vector graphics very different than
JPEGs, GIFs, or BMP images—all of which are considered
rasterized or bitmap images made up of tiny squares which are
called pixels or bits. If you magnify these images, you will see
they are made up of a grid (bitmaps) and if you keep magnifying
them, they will become blurry and grainy as each pixel with bitmap
square’s zoom level grows larger.”