GNOME 3.28 Linux Desktop Environment Development Kicks Off with First Snapshot

With a three-day delay, the GNOME 3.27.1 milestone has been released this past weekend for early adopters to give us a first glimpse of what’s coming to the GNOME 3.28 desktop environment, due for release on March 14, 2018. The focus for this release has been on porting more apps to the Meson build system. Not so many apps and core components are included in the GNOME 3.27.1, which comes with new versions of the GNOME Builder, Evolution, Epiphany, Baobab, GTK+, Mutter, GNOME Shell, Simple Scan, Yelp, Disks, Logs, Maps, Calendar, Boxes, Clocks, Online Accounts GVFS, and dconf-editor.