GraphicsMuse: The Top 20 Influential People, Products and Companies in the Linux Graphics Marketplace

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“Blender, Xanim, Gimp – each of these has made an impact in
the Linux Graphics marketplace. But they aren’t alone.
announcements from Corel have people wondering just what’s in store
for graphic artists who choose Linux. In this article I’ll look at
who and what to pay attention to in the coming months – and why
you’ll want to do so.”

“There is a burgeoning interest in graphics on Linux. Recently I
was even interviewed by C|Net regarding this relatively untapped
region of the Linux marketplace. The impetus for this interest was
the announcement by Corel that they had purchased Bryce, Painter
and Kai’s Power Tools from MetaCreations. MetaCreations’, as you
may be aware, is abandoning their graphics tools business is favor
of streaming media technologies. Whether this is a good or bad move
on MetaCreations part is fodder for future discussion. But Corel’s
purchase has everyone wondering. With their big dive into the Linux
world, does this mean we’ll be seeing Painter on Linux soon? Maybe.
If you can spell “WINE.” But, like MetaCreations business moves,
this too is something we’ll have to address later.”

“What I’m interested in here today is the impact that certain
companies, projects and individuals have in the graphics arena on
Linux. Corel, who’s primary product till now has been WordPerfect
(which left this author wanting for something, well, stable) makes
a big purchase of products that don’t currently have anything to do
with Linux and the rest of the computing world sits up and takes
notice. Literally. No one slouched on this announcement. It’s an
eye opener to a world currently fixated on back room servers and
embedded systems. The roses are blooming, folks. Take a whiff of
the future of Linux. It is the desktop.”

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