Groklaw: IBM’s Squashes SCO’s Bogo “Spoliation” Claim

“Hey, remember SCO?

“I almost forgot myself. It’s hard to focus on SCO when we’re
now into Son of SCO. Or is it Father? Anyway, there was a filing
today, and it’s important. SCO, as you’ll recall, did some FUDding
in the media about alleged spoliation, which some SCO-supporting
media types lapped up to the very last drop and made sound like a
big deal. Well, here’s IBM’s side. You’ll laugh, snort, and then
perhaps get mad at SCO, if you’re like me and have a sense of
justice. SCO has to know that they are raising a bogus issue, I
think, but they did it anyway. What do you call that? I call it a
frivolous motion, personally, and I more and more suspect we may
well see the court sanction both SCO and Boies Schiller before this
is over…”


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