Groklaw: Red Hat News – Lehman Brothers Threatened by SCO

“A faithful Groklaw run-to-the-courthouse volunteer has just
returned from the Delaware courthouse. Some time this afternoon we
should have the actual papers from Red Hat’s filing. Basically, Red
Hat is letting the judge know that SCO didn’t tell her the truth,
the whole truth and nothing but the truth. For one thing, Lehman
Brothers, a customer of Red Hat, got two threatening letters from
SCO, threatening legal action over alleged copyright infringement,
and their reply is attached to the motion. Clearly, they let her
know, there is an imminent threat from SCO, making this a
‘judiciable controversy,’ an element they must prove to avoid
dismissal of their action. For one thing, McBride’s statements at
Harvard that SCO would begin suing end users on February 18, Red
Hat points out in its documents, is proof of an imminent threat. He
copied down the ‘Don’t Contact Us Again’ letter by hand and here is
his report…”


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