GUILinux: Flonix – Live CD Review

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“Anyway, on to Flonix. My boss, our CTO, said he needed me to
write a review from a newbie stand point on a new desktop distro.
Both of us looked at it as a good learning experience, since I
usually just ask one of our techs to fix whatever problem I’m
having at the time. We have a running joke at our office to not let
the sales guy touch anything—and it worked up until we
launched the Gui Linux website. Now I’ve got to get my hands dirty.
For the most part I look at a computer, its OS and the applications
on it as tools to help me do my job. I could care less about how it
does it. I just want it to work—every time I fire up my
machine–and because I’m into instant gratification, I get wacked
when it doesn’t. That’s why I like Linux.

“Since I don’t really know what I’m doing I asked the boss what
I should be looking for and the purpose of having an OS on a CD? I
was pretty intrigued by his response and liked the concept. A light
weight, portable OS to run on any PC that allows you to access
documents stored in say, an ftp site. You run Open Office or other
applications over the Internet to work on your documents and then
save them to the ftp site. Pop out the CD and you’re down the road.
It would take the place of having to carry a bulky laptop on trips
and for those of us who are work-a-holics, it would allow us to
sneak our work along on vacations where there is no way on God’s
green earth that the wife will allow the laptop to come along. It
will require the user to do some pre-planning, however, because
you’ll have to upload the files you want to a ftp site or some sort
of portable media. You’ll also need Internet access, so if you’re
going camping you’re outta luck…”


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