Hardware One: How I Learned Linux – Part 4

[ Thanks to skaven for this link.

“Months before, I had been fiddling with the info hypertext
reader so I could read the Emacs lisp hypertext documentation. I
was struggling to learn very basic lisp commands so I could spiff
up my Emacs config file.”

And here the old prof was, spending two lectures to give us
a proper lisp primer. (Or was it one…)

“I had my ears wide open, comparing what he was introducing to
us, Golden Common Lisp, to the elisp that I was still a neophyte
at. To me, one lisp looked promisingly similar to the other. (The
non-initiate would say “Of course!”, but many variants of lisp

“Our first assignment: the AI “hello world” equivalent of
writing a unification function in lisp. Not any old lisp. Golden
Common Lisp.”


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