Here’s a crazy security idea – ditch Windows for Ubuntu 10.10 Linux

“After some days with the latest Ubuntu Linux desktop release, I
was planning to devote a few graphs to extolling its many

“This is not a hard exercise because Ubuntu 10.10 is exemplary,
about as good as it gets at doing the main things desktop operating
systems were originally invented to do.

“It’s refined, uncluttered, comes with plenty of apps for most
people and, most of all, it’s stable and fast. It runs happily in
1GB of RAM, something no version of Windows has done since the
obsolete XP. There’s even a netbook edition with larger icons.

“The software model has legs too, giving away the OS itself and
making money from add-on apps and services, which is arguably the
future of software in the part of the world that is not Microsoft.
Digital rights management, what digital rights management?”

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