How an extinct zebra could upend the networking market

“The ISC is supporting a project to stabilize and test Quagga,
open-source networking software. The project, called the Open
Source Routing Project, is exciting because it could help make a
cheap, open-source router a reality.

The ISC created the Open Source Routing Project in August after
Google came to it requesting help in creating a community around
Quagga. Google is a champion of the Open Source Routing Project
(and Quagga) because it wants cheaper, highly programmable routers
it can use in its network. Stephen Stuart, of Google says the
search giant will use the open-source router it created called the
Open LSR to use in its core network. The router is a combination of
merchant switching silicon, a commodity server, the OpenFlow
protocol and the Quagga open-source code.

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