How did we learn to use our computers?

[ Thanks to Locutus
for this link. ]

“It is a common argument that Linux will never make it
mainstream because everybody already knows windows. It has been
said that because everybody knows windows that there is nobody to
teach them Linux. Ipso facto, nobody will learn Linux because there
is nobody around to show them how to use Linux. What a load of
bovine back end fertiliser. What people are referring to is that
the uptake of Linux is a chicken and egg problem.

“I don’t believe that this is a valid argument. It doesn’t
matter what you operating system is used, the method of learning
that operating system is exactly the same. The basic principles of
using any operating system are the same. You move the mouse pointer
on the screen, click and things happen.

“Think back to the very first time you ever looked at a
computer. How did you feel? What did you think? More importantly,
who showed it to you?”

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