How the Trial Will Go, Beginning [Today] (SCO v. Novell)

“The trial in SCO v. Novell–which has morphed into exclusively
Novell’s counterclaims against SCO–begins tomorrow morning, and
the parties have filed a Joint Pretrial Stipulation and then an
Amended one. For purposes of this trial, Novell is the plaintiff
and SCO the defendant, so Novell will be going first. Thanks to the
Stipulation, we know how the trial is structured. Each side will
limit itself to 10 hours. It’s 10 hours sort of like football,
though, so don’t imagine it will all be over in, say, a long day or
two days. A football team might have a minute left on the clock,
but it takes a half hour to play it out. Similarly here, 10 hours
each doesn’t count things like conferences with the judge at the
bench and things like that…”