IBM developerWorks: Bash by example, Part 1

[ Thanks to Steve for this link.

“By learning how to program in the bash scripting language,
your day-to-day interaction with Linux will become more fun and
productive, and you’ll be able to build upon those standard UNIX
constructs (like pipelines and redirection) that you already know
and love.
In this three-part series, Daniel Robbins will teach
you how to program in bash by example. He’ll cover the absolute
basics (making this an excellent series for beginners) and bring in
more advanced features as the series proceeds.”

“Learning bash the wrong way can be a very confusing process.
Many newbies type “man bash” to view the bash man page, only to be
confronted with a very terse and technical description of shell
functionality. Others type “info bash” (to view the GNU info
documentation), causing either the man page to be redisplayed, or
(if they are lucky) only slightly more friendly info documentation
to appear.”

“That’s where this series comes in. In it, I’ll show you how to
actually use bash programming constructs, so that you will be able
to write your own scripts. Instead of technical descriptions, I’ll
provide you with explanations in plain English, so that you will
know not only what something does, but when you should actually use
it. By the end of this three-part series, you’ll be able to write
your own intricate bash scripts, and be at the level where you can
comfortably use bash and supplement your knowledge by reading (and
understanding!) the standard bash documentation. Let’s begin.”