IBM developerWorks: Cultured Perl: Review of Programming Perl, Third Edition

The release of the third edition of Programming Perl is a
significant development for the Perl community. After four years,
this excellent book has been updated with information about the new
5.6.0 release, and the new sections almost double the page count of
the second edition.
In addition to reviewing the book, Teodor
Zlatanov examines how well the book reflects the changes made until
the 5.6.0 release of Perl.”

“The third edition of Programming Perl is impressive from the
start. It has almost double the page count of the second edition.
The cover is the same, except for the discreet banner in the top
right corner, the TMTOWTDI (“There’s More Than One Way To Do It”)
slogan at the top, and the list of authors. The similarity is only
skin deep, however, as a look at the table of contents will quickly
dispel any illusions that this book is only a revision. The third
edition covers a multitude of changes made in the Perl language
since version 5.003. It has extended or created many sections,
while preserving cohesiveness and consistency.”

“Larry Wall and Tom Christiansen are back in this edition, while
Randal L. Schwartz has been replaced by Jon Orwant. Larry Wall is
the creator of the Perl language. Tom Christiansen is known as the
caretaker of the Perl online documentation, and is the principal
author of The Perl Cookbook (an indispensable resource for the Perl
programmer). Jon Orwant is the Chief Technology Officer of O’Reilly
& Associates and editor-in-chief of The Perl Journal, the
best-known and perhaps most highly regarded Perl magazine. The
style of the previous editions has been preserved. Lucid exposition
interspersed with good examples and many jokes that will strike a
chord with programmers are prevalent in the text.”

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