IBM developerWorks: IBM develops Bluetooth network simulator

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“Open source BlueHoc simulator provides ad-hoc Bluetooth
environment for app development.”

“Back in July, IBM set the ball rolling for Bluetooth
development on Linux, by releasing the BlueDrekar protocol stack
for Linux, and open-sourcing a driver for the HCI UART transport
layer. Now developers have access to BlueHoc, another tool which
will help them bring Bluetooth application designs to fruition. The
software simulates (1) the lower layers (including radio, baseband,
and link layer) of the Bluetooth specification, and (2) an ad-hoc
indoor wireless environment consisting of several Bluetooth
devices. BlueHoc will thus allow developers to design and test
applications in a realistic network environment.”

“The Bluetooth standard is a short-range wireless communication
industry specification that allows portable, personal devices to
interact which each other and with other stationary devices. It
primarily serves as a replacement for peripheral cables and other
short-range wireless technologies like the infrared data access
standard (IrDA). However, unlike IrDA, this technology uses the
spread-spectrum radio frequency, and therefore supports
omnidirectional multiple connections without requiring
communicating devices to be in the line of sight.”

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