iButton Access for any Operating System, any Computer

Tiny memory devices now accessible to application

Montreal, Quebec, July 27, 1999 — eSecure Peripherals Inc., a
Montreal-based computer security company, has developed a new
computer peripheral that allows developers to use iButtons on any
operating system or any computer.

iButtons by Dallas Semiconductor (http://www.ibutton.com) are small
button sized memory devices that can be used to store any kind of
information. These memory devices work like solid state floppy
drives; the information is stored and retrieved as files by the
application software. The result is a very low cost, under $5 per
user Wide Area Network or data collection system.

Typical applications for iButtons include electronic cash,
digital signatures, and low cost remote data collection. Ryder
Truck uses iButton on many of its rental vans to store servicing
information, while the US post office uses iButtons for route
tracking in mail boxes.

The major difficulty in using iButtons is the software needed to
access the hardware and use the file structure. eSecure Peripherals
Inc. has solved this problem by creating iNterface; a versatile
computer accessory can directly access the file structures on an

iNterface uses a serial port to connect between the iButton and
the computer. Simple ASCII commands and replies allow the
application developer to create and manipulate files. Using
iNterface, iButton applications have been created in hours instead
of months.

To find out more about eSecure Peripherals and iNterface, please
visit our web site http://www.esecureperipherals.com.