ICE Linux-Appletalk 1.0 Released

Jay Schulist

ICE Linux-Appletalk an Open Source based, Commercially supported
Linux Appletalk suite. Allow your Linux workstations and servers to
share files, printers, and provide Internet based services to
Macintosh users. Graphical and NFS like mounting of remote
AppleShare volumes and Macintosh File System support.

As a new product release offer, 1 year of free upgrades and
unlimited support is included with your purchase of either the
Personal, Educational, or Commercial Edition of ICE

For more information check the ICE Networking WWW site at
www.icenetworking.com or
visit the ICE Linux-Appletalk home page directly at www.icenetworking.com/products/appletalk/.

5% of every order is donated to Linux International.