Identify and Verify Users Based on How They Type

[ Thanks to LinucksGirl for this link.

“Modify the GNOME Display Manager (GDM) to support user
verification through keystroke-dynamics processing. Create and
store a one-way encrypted hash of your keystroke patterns when
entering your user name. Add code to GDM to read current keystroke
patterns and permit a user to log in when the characteristics are a

“Many commercial products today provide two-factor
authentication on Linux systems. These technologies generally
require the purchase of additional hardware and create a closed
implementation unsuitable for many environments. The code and
processes presented here allow you to implement a low-cost
authentication-input system based on the characteristics of how a
user types his password into the GDM. Moving beyond examples and
into implementation, the modifications to GDM presented here allow
you to enhance the security of your computer…”

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