Impoundment Issues and an Agreement on “Narrowed” Subpoenas in SCEA v. Hotz – Updated

“The parties in SCEA v. Hotz have been trying to work out their
differences about the impoundment protocol. The parties can’t
agree, so they have written a joint letter to the magistrate judge,
Judge Joseph Spero, laying out their conflicting positions. If you
recall, the presiding judge, Hon. Susan Illston, told the parties
to work these things out with the magistrate judge. So this is
following up with that directive.

“The parties have reach an agreement on the scope of the
third-party subpoenas on Bluehost, Twitter, Google, YouTube,
Softlayer and such regarding jurisdictional discovery that Sony
feels it needs to counter George Hotz’s Motion to Dismiss. Or more
exactly, SCEA says they have reached agreement. The parties still
don’t agree on subpoena to Paypal, an issue already before the

“The SCEA letter to the magistrate judge regarding the subpoenas